Do you want to liquidate your business?

We will help you to liquidate your craft or industrial business.
Are you considering liquidating your business and want to sell your used machines? We buy your used machine tools nationwide and help you with the transaction so that you can free your mind for other things. Since we have a large warehouse, we can also take over your machines at short notice.

It doesn't matter whether you are dissolving a workshop, locksmith's shop or carpenter's shop, please contact us. We'll come by for a visit and discuss everything with you.

Machine sale

Are you looking for one or more used machines for your company, regardless of whether it is a small handicraft tool or an industrial machine? Then you have found the right partner in us!

We always have over 50 machines in our range or in our warehouse in Banevo. Whether:

- metal processing machines
- industrial machines
- machine tools

You will definitely find the right used machine for you. Just take a look at our machine database or use our search.

Sell us your machine

Do you own a milling machine that is no longer in operation? You no longer need your drill press, although it still works perfectly?

Or have you bought new machines and now want to sort out the old machines? Then you are right with us!

We have specialized in trading in used machines and are happy to buy your tools and machines of all kinds. We are active throughout Europe and you benefit from our uncomplicated processing. You don't have to worry about dismantling or transport, we'll do that for you. Just contact us!


Design and manufacture 20 - 10,000 L hydraulic units, valve stands and accumulator systems which enable power and motion control for machinery.


Hydraulic systems design, equipment revision and modernization projects, design and manufacturing of hydraulic control blocks, and testing and adjustment of components are performed by experienced team of engineers.