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Weiler Matador W 500 Center Lathe


Taccella 4 AM Tool Sharpnening Machine / Tool Grinding Machine, Lot's of accessories


Schaublin 70 High Precision Swiss Lathe with Accessories


Weisser Heilbronn Senior Lathe with Accessories

Available for 15,095.00 EUROS

TOS SN 50 B Lathe with Accessories



EVAY LTD is a Bulgarian company, founded by Etem Etem, our expert with more than 25 years of experience. Our company number is 206664476 and has it's headquarters in Banevo, Burgas. Our main goal is present to our clients the best machines available on the market. Machines that are in mint condition but in the same time at a reasonable price.
Apart from the industrial machines, our manufacturing department is specialised in providing services in hydraulic system designs, component stocks, manifold block designs, manufacturing and systems commissioning extending its implementation areas.